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BSidesPGH is a volunteer-run information security conference held in Pittsburgh. Security BSides is a global series of community-driven conferences presenting a wide range of information security topics.


Sponsorship Information

Over the past several years, a series of information security events called BSides has been organized across the U.S. and internationally (  These events vary in format, but share the common philosophies that they are free, open to anyone, and entirely organized and run by volunteers.  Another common trait they share is that they focus on the community where they are held, with mostly local speakers, local sponsors, and local vendors. Pittsburgh has a substantial presence in the information security world, with major universities, CERT, the NCFTA and an FBI Cyber Crime unit, and numerous software developers in a variety of industries.  Our goal is to bring many of them together to learn from each other, share information, and network.

In order to do this, and keep it free or low cost for all attendees, we are looking for both local and national organizations who are interested in sponsoring some portion of the event.  All BSides events are required to abide by a policy that there be no sales presentations; however, sponsors can be recognized at the event and in its materials.  Representatives from sponsor organizations are encouraged to participate in the event, as it's a great opportunity to meet other information security professionals in the area. 

Sponsorship Levels

Level            Cost        Benefit(s)

Premier       Sold Out!     Most prominent display on the website.

Platinum      Sold Out!     Second most prominent display, booth space.

After Party  Sold Out!     Same as platinum, but indicated as the after party sponsor.

Gold                 $1,500       Logo on recordings & on stage, verbal recognition.

Silver                $1,000      Logo on the shirt.

Non-Profits         $500      Equivalent to gold sponsorship.

Friends                $500      Logo on the website.

Benefits are additive for each sponsorship level.