Conference Friday June 28th at Rivers Casino! Training Thursday June 27th at CoLab18!

BSidesPGH is a volunteer-run information security conference held in Pittsburgh. Security BSides is a global series of community-driven conferences presenting a wide range of information security topics.


Capture The Flag

You MUST already have entrance to the main BSides PGH event in order to participate in this event. Consider pre-registering here.

The Pittsburgh BSides CTF is designed to reflect real life scenarios faced by security professionals when deployed in the field. In this offense-only event, the individual's job is to penetrate several layers of an environment and collect flags for points along the way. Our CTF tech team consists of active security professionals with decades of experience in penetration testing. Their experience, expertise, and know how are leveraged to create a fun CTF that is technically challenging and realistic. The event lasts for 6 hours, from 9am until 3pm, at the BSides PGH main event on June 28th.

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There will be prizes for the top 3 participants in the "Primary" CTF (Gear, NetWars subscriptions, challenge coins, and more!). In case of a tie for 1st, 2nd, or 3rd, the ranking will be determined by person taking least amount of time to capture the flags.

In order to participate you will need to bring your own laptop, and we suggest having at least two wireless NICs.

Warning: During the CTF, you will be connecting to a hostile network. Your laptop might be attacked. Do not have any sensitive data stored on your system. BSides Pittsburgh is not responsible for your system if someone attacks it.

BSidesPGH CTF Introduction